Papercuttings, Stencils

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number8 A lace KIRIE Hina Aoyama

number7 Archie Granot Papercuts
The papercuts of Archie Granot are a special phenomenon in contemporary art.

number5 AggiesAggies Portretsnijwerken

number4 Masaaki Tatsumi Papercutting Works
Masaaki Tatumi is papercutting book's writer.

number3 Russian Silhoute
This site introduse russian papercutting history and the paper cuttings of russian papercuttig workers.

number2 The Guild of American papercutters
The largest group dedicated to the art of papercutting in North America.

number1 Masayuki Miyata paper cuttings
Masayuki Miyata is the most famous paper cutter in Japan. This site stand in the Shanhai Library,