THE REASON OF "Paula Broussard" REMOVE

I removed the Paula Broussard site link.
She had be my customer of my selling goods. But She was very an awkward one.
Last her order, I was sent the goods, but she don't pay this charge.
She is a liar, and she have no her original design work.
Therefore I can't admit her.
You can see E-mail conversation text, her and me.
I can't catch her reply even now.
But she change her site top image after 2 days from my last warning mail.
She was published the Woman paper cutting in this page.
And she had said, she have this paper cutting copyright.
But this paper cutting is the copy from the artist "Masayuki Miyata".
I had leave her making image the Woman paper cutting in my site. And you can see her selling this printing T-shirts image too.
Please compare her work with Masayuki Miyata's work "Chusei Genji"(Miyata's work picture original is in the Shanhai library. This picture using permission, I had ask the Miyata's arts promoter Shurei Ryu.)

The Site of "Masayuki Miyata"