The ISEKATAGAMI first use purpose is printing KIMONO PATTERN. Therefore the ISEKATAGAMI can use for the stencil.

This coner explain the post card printing technique, these technique can use the handkerchief printing or the T-shirt printing. 

Please prepare these things.

The KAKISIBUGAMI (letter size).....$2

The working set...$8

The printing piece $3.5 (I advise you, please plepare the printing brush, two piece or more.)


Wide blade cutter


Ink or Paints(If you want handkerchief printing or T-shirt printing, please use insoluble ink or paint, its like the acrylic paint.)


Rag or Tissue paper

A little water

Paper (for practice printing)

Post card paper (for printing) or Handkerchief, T-shirt

Veneer board (If you want handkerchief printing or T-shirt printing.)

Process1 The Cutting

1. Please print the original picture by the your printer. (Please click the original picture, its appear.)

2. Please cut off a original picture about half inch line outer.

(Please magnify or reduce a original picture's size, if you need.)

3. Put the Original picture on KAKISIBUGAMI, and using a Stapler tie the corner and middle of the side.(Please tie on line outer.)

 4. Cut away the KAKISIBUGAMI together with the Original Picture. (Leave the White part and cut off the Black part of the Original Picture.)

 *The Cutter's Edge will become little damaged by the Special Cutting Underlay. (The working set include the special cutting underlay.)

5. Cut off on the line at last. (Please use a sqare, and a wide blade cutter.)

Process2 The printing

*This process need the practice on the odd paper, once or twice.

 1. Please dip a brush in water, and then wipe off the brush water by the rag (or tissue paper) tightly.

*Caution!! This work is most important. If you wipe off the brush water loosely, it make a blot. (If you wipe off the brush water tightly, the water remain between the brush hair, its plenty for the printing.)

 2. Please prepare the ink or the paint on the palette. Don't dissolve the ink (or the paint) in water. And then spread the ink (or the paint) on the palette with the brush.

 3. Put the Isekatagami (the cutted Kakisibugami) on the post card (or the handkerchief, the T-shirt), and paint by your like color. (Please paint at first, you want ticken color, and spread the paint.)

*Caution! Don't paint strongly!

*Caution! If you want the handkerchief print or the T-shirt print, it have a risk, the ink or the paint soak into a cloth lining. For that reason, please you put the veneer board under the cloth.

 4. Please dry a little times. (This process use little water, therefore the dring time about one minute.)


The care of Isekatagami 

1. Please clean the Isekatagami by the water, and wipe with the cloth or the tissue paper, and keep between the book or other.

(If Isekatagami don't break, you can print again. If you use carefully, you can print handred time or more.)

If you need the Kakisibugami or the tool.

I sell for you, the letter size Kakisibugami ($2), or the printing brush ($3.5).

Attention: You need Postage besides Selling Money.

If I send the letter size Kakisibugami to U.S.A, the postage is about one dollar.

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