This Page explains technic used in the ISEKATAGAMI Making Kit. Please read if you are interested in creating an original work.

 1. Cut off Original Picture(1) on the dotted line.

 2. Put the Original picture on KAKISIBUGAMI, and using a Stapler tie the corner and middle of the side.

The tie unites an Original Picture and a Kakisibugami.

3. Cut away the KAKISIBUGAMI together with the Original Picture. (Leave the Black part and cut off the White part of the Original Picture.)

3,1 The First Cutting is the tiny Inner part, and the Last is the Outter side.

3,2 Cut the sides. If you feel cutting is difficult, turn the side of the Kakisibugami, towards you.

3,3 The Cutter's Edge will become little damaged by the Special Cutting Underlay.

3,3 If You don't feel sharpness, please change the Cutter's Edge soon.

 4. Cut off The Paint Colored Japanese Paper (2) from the dotted line, and paste on a Fancy paper.


Paste so you cannot see white part of the Fancy paper.

*Kit dosen't include the Paste.

You prepare the Paste. like this.

Use the Dissolving type Paste for home use or cleaninng. Please dissolve in water thickly.

 5. Paste the cut Kakisibugami on the Fancy paper.

5,1 Put on KAKISIBUGAMI make accurately to Japanese paper's colors.

5,2 Put on your hand for don't move, and spread the Paste one side take up it.

5,3 Remove the paste side, take up the other side, and spread the paste.

5,4 When the papers are together again, wipe off the excess Paste using a Tissue or a Cloth. 

 6、Completed Dried is into your like a Frame.

Hint of You making Your ORIGINAL.

Please paint an Original picture using black Paints or Magic Inks. Connect the Black Parts if possible.

Please make yours by putting torn colored paper on Fancy paper , a substitute for Colored Japanese Paper, and paste ISEKATAGAMI on this Fancy paper.