Nikki Mclure sent me the letters

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Dear Minomusi-
Thank you so much for your amazing papercut. It is very special. Your letter was also amazing and true. We are all sad (and angry) that the USA is at war with Iraq. There is no excuse for this crime. We, my friends and the peace community, have tried many times to stop this war from happening. People write letters, make phone calls, stand in the streets, talk, speak up, chain themselves to buildings, block bridges, print posters, wear white arm bands, sing songs... so many ways-but we are not being heard. There are so many US flags, so many police. This is not good. This does not make the world safe.
Thank you for your friendship - It is embarrassing + shameful to be an American right now. Please remember that it is US policy and not all Americans, that is making this war happen. This president should not even be president! I tell everyone who will listen about the depleted uranium the US is using in its bullets, about cluster bombs, about 500% increase in child leukimia since 1991 war. It is sad and terrible that once the war is over, the water, the food, the bodies of Iraq will be poisoned.
I am trying my best to do good work. I was invited to make a Christmas ornament for the White House. I said "NO" I could not make anything for the Bush home. I also have a printing press at my home. We make posters. I include some for you. There is a protest camp in my town for the woman ran over by an Israeli tank. She was from Olympia. We march all over: Olymia, Seattle(50,000people) + Portland(also 50,000!)
I would like to share your art with my city. On April 25+26 there will be an art festival. Can I include your picture and letter and postcards in my art show? It is so beautiful and your letter was so thoughtful and strong.
I wish you and this world


EVERY GUN that is made,
Every WARSHIP launched,
Every ROCKET fired
Signifies, in the final sense,
from those who hunger and are not fed,
Those who are cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms
is not spending money alone.
It is spending the sweat of its laborers,
The GENIUS of its scientists,
The HOPES of its children...
This is not a way of life
at all in any sense.
Under the cloud of threatening war,
it is HumanitY
hanging from a cross of iron.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Tomita primary school children send me the letters.
Dear Minoru Murakawa,
Thank you very much for your Isekatagami teaching. We completed the all progress of work. And thank you for the preparation design of dog, cat, butterfly, rabbit, rose, japanese apricot and bear. I think its very pretty.
A few people made mistake, but almost people succeed all process.
I want to make more cards, but the materials was insufficient, therefore I can't try again.
We wish the remaking it someday, if the materials will be preparation complete.

3th grade 1 class "Rina Makita"

3-1 number 12 "Chie Saitou"

Title "My impression of Isekatagami learning..."
Thank you for your teaching in 28day and 30day. I could take very good job, because from your teaching. I could make the beautiful print, however I nearly made a cut on my finger, but I take my mind, because I didn't hurt my finger.
I was delight these work making good completion, there from I guess you made the dog design is good. Thank you again.