ISEKATAGAMI uses some original cutting methods, developed during a thousand years of history. I introduce some cutting methods and strengthening skill called "ITOIRE" on this page.

 The Point Cutting

The oldest skill of cutting the Kimono pattern. The point cutter called "KIRI" makes points of various sizes on the papers. Some KIRI have a circle edge now, but originally "KIRI" had a half circle edge, and It is rotated to make complete circle. The most detailed circles have about 130 points per square inch.

 The Stab Cutting

The shape cutter is like a needle and its outside edge is used to stab paper. But this method breaks the edges, and for this reason the paper is placed on a holed board called "ANAITA" , and edges are stabed in this hole.

The Mold Cutting

This punch paper method is made by using Mold Cutters, called "DOUGU" (made by two bent edges) . The Mold Cutting Workers makes the Cutters himself, and he chooses from hundreds of various types of Mold Cutters.

 The Stripes Cutting

This Method of cutting is done using the original Square, called "KATAJOUGI". It may look easy, but actually demand great effort and demand much perseverance. The most detailed have about thirty stripes per inch.

ITOIRE (Tense Thread)

Can you see the black lateral line in the Stripes Cutting picture? they are called "ITOIRE". This skill Strengthen the Paper for printing patterns. KAKISIBUGAMI ( ISEKATAGAMI's paper) makes a Unit from two to four stretched japanese papers, then the ITOIRE Skill separates this paper, and stretches thread between the separeted sheets, and pastes them together again. Recently a New Strengthen Skill was been developed, called "SHABARI". This skill sticks a thin net to the paper using Japanese Lacquer or Resin. However Stripes Cutting and Particular Cutting employing "ITOIRE" techniques are still used to strengthen paper today.