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I put on place, photographes of Isekatagami peculiar tools, the special cutter and the point cutter.

The Working Set    Tools and other accessories


(Price $10)

How to make?

The Contents of ISEKATAGAMI MAKING KIT (This Picture is the Japanese version)

KAKISIBUGAMI (Popular size about lengh11 and broad10 inch), Original Picture, Paint Colored Japanese paper, Fancy paper for paste (length 9.5 and broad10.7 inch), Exposition (English version ) Kit have Each one parts

*Please choose from Complete sample.

The Working Set

(Special Price $8)

The Working Set Contents

NT Cutter D400, Spare Edge (angle 30), Cutting Underlay

*NT Cutter D400

This cutter is for detailed cutting. Please beginners should use this cutter. Isekatagami workers use another original, special cutter, but It is difficult to use for beginners.

*Cutting Underlay

This Underlay is of the same quality as the one Isekatagami workers use.

Selling Others

Selling pieces

NT Cutter D400........$4

Spare Edge for NT cutter (angle 30) ............$2

Cutting Underlay.............Small size $3.5 (length 11.5 inch and broad 8.5 inch), Big size $14(lengh 23 inch and broad 17 inch)

KAKISIBUGAMI large size(length 35.5 and broad 21.5 inch) No8............$16 No9,10............$15 No12...........$17 

"If you want to use this paper for stencil,sellect No12 (The larger the number, the thicker the paper. A thick number is from No 8 to No12). Unless you specify otherwise , I will send No 9."

KAKISIBUGAMI letter size(length 3.5 and broad 5 inch).....$2

Printing brush..... $3.5

Isekatagami peculiar tools

The special cutter .....Please ask (For professional cutter, but this cutter need whet by yourself.)

Middle is Special cutter's edge, up and under is common paper cutting blade's edge(Angle of 30).

Can you see this special cutter's sharpness?

The point cutter.....Please ask(per one size)

The point cutter is Isekatagami hole puncher, its have size from No 0 to No 20. and large number make large holes.

This is sample, the point cutter making holes sizes. Please magnify (or reduce) this picture, you look like center small line length is 5mm.

* I also sell other special Tools and Works of ISEKATAGAMI. If You need anything, contact me through E-mail. I will make an efforts to send you what you need.

The Work of Minomusi

Swallow-tail $Please ask
Iris $Please ask
Oak-leaf $Please ask
Sardine $Please ask
The Girl and Juggling ball product100 pieces only .....$Please ask

Other Minomusi Works